Å [oː] is the swedish letter after Z but is also a word which has several meanings, one is “stream/creek/small river”, another one is simply “oh”. The letter is mostly common in Sweden and can therefore be used as a symbol for Sweden. This is why we chose the name Å.

Å is a trio from Uppsala. ÅSmedstorp500As a band Å focus on feeling, improvisation and communication when performing live. Anything can happen!

The trio occasionally invite other musicians like Roland Keijser (Blå Tåget/Arbete & Fritid) to play on stage, and also video artists to project live images. These times the music can go even further into the unknown. Å live @ Release Uppsala 2014The audience is invited to a great mix of pshychedelic rock, folk music from around the world, stoner rock, reggae and jazz. Å @ Silence studioThe self titled debut album was released in may 2014. Recordings for a new album was made in the end of 2015 in Silence studios.

Joel Öhlund – vocals, guitar/bass guitar
Milovan Fredriksson – guitar/bass guitar, backup vocals
Erik Wallin – drums